• Image of The Road Chief - All My Love (Cassette)
  • Image of The Road Chief - All My Love (Cassette)

LMTD run of 250 Cassettes
White Solid Shell

Under his alias, The Road Chief, Mark McGuire creates casual pop jams that fall outside of his solo work for Dead Oceans. The project began in 2008 when it served as Mark's DJ moniker and an outlet for his tribute songs to the late Roger Troutman. Since then, it has gently grown to incorporate a wider range of unsung urban greats from The Controllers and Kashif to Mikki Bleu and Luther Vandross. The tracks are a contemporary patchwork of 80s soul and smooth jazz, filtered through the lens of late summer in Southern California.

Release: August 21, 2015
Catalogue: CSN062
Format: Cassette
Digital Download: Yes